balkwasteWaste Network for sustainable solid waste management planning and promotion of integrated decision tools in the Balkan Region.
01/01/2009 - 31/12/2011

ENVIRECO Consulting did not participate in the consortium, but undertook a part via external assistance.

This project aimed to the dissemination of the knowledge, deriving from the implementation of the EU waste strategy and policy in Member states, to the whole Balkan Region, using Romania and Bulgaria as case studies for the implementation of integrated waste management planning.

Actions and means involved:

  1. Evaluation of waste management status in Balkan Region
  2. Data elaboration and selection of 2 regions as case studies
  3. Identification of waste composition through laboratory analyses
  4. Assessment of waste market regarding infrastructures and market absorption of secondary products in the selected regions
  5. Development of technical database comprising waste treatment technologies
  6. Development of assessment criteria based on EU Waste policy and specific characteristics of the Balkan Region
  7. Development of methodology and decision support software tool for sustainable waste management
  8. Implementation of the tool in selected regions and assessment of funding opportunities for the construction of the selected infrastructure
  9. Organisation of training sessions
  10. Development of a directory with waste relevant stakeholders in the Balkan Region
  11. Development of sustainability indicators relevant to solid waste management
  12. Development of monitoring waste efficiency platform
  13. Establishment of Waste network for the Balkan Region
  14. Ensuring sustainability of the Waste Balkan Network and promotion of its expansion
  15. Establishment of linkages with stakeholders outside Balkan Region