MARSS (LIFE11 ENV/DE/000343)

marssMaterial advanced recovery sustainable systems,

ENVIRECO Consulting did not participate in the consortium, but undertook a part via external assistance.

The main task was to carry out interviews with identified stakeholders including waste management authorities, waste management companies as well as potential end-users of the RRBF produced in Greece. The basis for the interviews was developed MARSS questionnaire provided to the expert from the A2 coordinator. The main target is to assess the potential interest and market potential for the actual MARSS RRBF product as well as levels of interest in renewable “environmentally friendly” fuels from MSW. Contacts were made with identified Greek stakeholders such as, MBT/composting plant operators, combustion plant operators, universities, pressure groups, governmental departments, regulators and local authorities.

The following points were included in the expert assessment in detail:

  • Analysis of the market potential for MARSS technology, including national technological standards (M3A) from simple composting plants up to high-tech MBT plants.
  • Overview of the average length of contracts given out for waste management in that country including the remaining time left in existing contracts
  • Assessment of the demand for biomass fuels in the country
  • Has this theme of biomass fuels already come up in the public domain or is it already an established trend/route?
  • Overview of the number of fluidized bed combustion plants for energy production in Greece
  • Are there cement kilns that already use RBF in cement production, and what is the level of interest for the RRBF product?

Project location: EVZ Mertesdorf, Rheinland-Pfalz

Furthermore, the summary of findings from the interviews was made with stakeholders in Greece using the MARSS country questionnaires and internet link provided.