Water Resources Management

Our mission is to develop world class and cutting edge activities on water sustainability. Our water team is composed of water, sanitary engineers and scientists and it tackles with a diverse number of water magament issues. We are working on the development, implementation and monitoring of advanced water and wastewater treatment technologies and on the development of software tools to be applied in wastewater treatment plants. Envireco has highly knowledgeable staff who have years of experience in all area of the water engineering.

Our water team members can offer to potential clients a range of services which include:

  • Development, application, optimization and validation of advanced systems, innovative processes and technologies for wastewater treatment and valorisation
  • Development and application of models/tools on water and wastewater treatment
  • Development models for the estimation of carbon and water footprint within the water – food – energy nexus
  • Development and application of action plants for water sustainability, covering the whole water supply chain
  • Consulting services related to energy efficiency and process optimization in the field of water resources management
  • Development of benchmarking tools for water sustainability following the triple bottom approach
  • Development of decision support tools for water resources management
  • Development of decision support tools for the assessment of the water-energy-food nexus
  • Development of modelling and optimisation activities and to identify optimal ways for reducing energy use, water consumption and waste generation in industrial supply chains
  • Preparation of research projects related to water management
  • Organization of networking activities with leading professionals working on complementary areas of water resources management
  • Management of research projects

Our potential clients include water authorities, municipalities, industries, environmental companies.

Consulting water services

The company offers a variety of consulting and engineering services in the field of energy efficiency and wastewater management. It can undertake energy auditing for wastewater treatment plants in line with the European Directive 2012/27/ EU on energy efficiency and the ISO50001. The company offers integrated water management services, recognising the opportunities for wastewater plant optimization, innovation, sustainability and economic development.